Thursday, July 17, 2008

I LOVE a good Thursday.

And this will be one of those GOOD Thursdays.

Despite the madness at work, which I'm actually totally into, I'm stoked. Every once in a while, I really enjoy this fast paced stuff where everything is just happening and changing. One thing after the next. Who needs to slow down? Keeps me on my toes. Plus, I'm in need of distractions to keep my mind off other things, so it woks out well right now. I'll rest after I can say I accomplished something (assuming I can, haha!)

After what looks to be yet another long, hectic, but FUN day of work, I have Softball practice. Easily one of my favorite things going on right now. I'm really happy I joined the team. I'm getting to know people in the company that I would not usually encounter. I love the whole being a part of a "team" thing. I think after this is over I might consider joining another team outside of work. I'm really having that much fun, and we haven't even had a game yet. That being said. Anyone who reads this and wants to come to a game, Please do!!!! Our first is Monday night. Contact me for info. We don't have our uniforms yet (which I designed!! :D) but we should have them by our 2nd game. I'm very proud.

I think some of us our going to the batting cages after practice too. I could use A LOT of batting practice, among other things....

AND THEN! TONIGHT.... Get ready for it....
A couple of the girls from work invited me to join them to see THE DARK KNIGHT tonight at midnight! I'm dying... I LOVE Christian Bale. And am also a Heath fan, so this extremely exciting. Batman Begins is easily one of my favorite movies, so I'm really anxious to see this one, of course.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I went to our company softball teams first official practice yesterday. I was a lot of fun. I'm way too excited about it all. However, I suck, and not just a little either.
Anyhow, I was talking to one of the guys from work and in conversation he asked he asked how far apart my sister and I were in age, and I answered 2 years. He then asked how old she was, and I answered that she will be 24. He then assumed I was 22. which was nice, but I laughed and admitted that I was in fact 26. This was the first time I had to say I was 26. I don't know why, but it fully freaked me out, right there. Like I couldn't look at him because I was scared of a reaction. there may have not been one. But, I couldn't risk it.
I don't like that this age things worries me so much. I don't really even get why it does. But, it really does!
Now, I don't feel, by any means, old.
But, to me 26 sounds like it's getting up there. I don't feel 26. I haven't done enough to be 26. It just sounds old. I should have so much more of my shit together.
I feel 22, maybe.

That's my rant.
I hate you, 26.