Saturday, January 31, 2009

For my love of Tea.

Just had to share these. Adorable:

You can buy the white ones here: Not sure where to get those colored ones, yet.... But, I'm determined to find out.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Since I've been craving a sofa, I thought I scope some out online. Check out a few I love.

I really want something deep and super cushion-y and soft. But, of course super cute too. I want a couch like my Girlfriend Lisa's. It's heavenly!

I found this site that I think is pretty rad:
(if It was something I could afford.) They make slipcovers for various Ikea sofas. Such a great idea, so many more options!!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Get rich quick!

Unemployment blows. BLOWS!
I just realized I'm officially short on rent. I fuckkkked up.
I'm so annoyed I have not received one unemployment check yet. If I had just ONE, I'd be fine for the month. I'm kind of freaking out.
SO, the plan is. Don't drive anywhere! Sell some shit on Ebay. Hope Comcast doesn't shut me off because I need internet to apply for work. And sit here and wait for a Check! I hate this.
I know it will pass, and things will work out. But in this moment, unemployment sucks!

Where money is not concerned, life is really great. I'm really happy today, after a couple days of being somewhat tense and spastic. I'm very much at peace, and looking forward to things coming my way! West, that is.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I hate you 3am.

I need someone to be awake.

I've been awesome at growing my nails out lately. Tonight, they keep finding their way into my mouth, ready to be chewed right the eff off.

Time for attempting sleep. Can't wait for a wake up call.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A friend in need.

I want a couch. Like a REAL big comfy sofa, preferably with an armchair and ottoman to accompany it. I gave up my futon, which I did love, but it had to be done. It wasn't cutting it as living room furniture anymore.

Jeremy is in town again! So, I am getting to hang around with him a lot this week. It's nice to have him here. But, really, it does just make me sad, because I know he will soon be gone once again. And, I still kind of hate that. Whatever. I'm trying to be happy. woohoo!

No job yet. I applied for a bunch today though. So, I'm really hoping something happens. I've decided that I think I want to work in SF, so I will have an excuse to move there. I think I'm in need of a change. Like something bigger than just a new job. I kind of really want to live on my own. I dunno. Maybe it will pass. I'm just not happy with my current living situation. eh.

oh, I think I might need therapy. I really need a job so I can get some insurance asap.