Friday, July 24, 2009

Movin' on up.

That's right! I got my own URL.
Thanks to Mario! From now on, I can be found HERE:

Catch ya on the flipside!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ants in the pants.

Last day at the old apartment is tomorrow!!! Last night, Sarah and I got it pretty clean! It actually looks 100 times better than it did when we got there to start.
I cleaned and disinfected the kitchen and the full bathroom, we patched holes, scrubbed the walls, dusted, swept, took out all the trash. It's empty today, except for the Vacuum and Carpet shampooer, which I will be using to finish up with after work today. Such a relief to almost be done. I can't wait until tomorrow and this weekend, when I don't have it hanging over my head anymore.

With that going on, I haven't begun decorating at the new place yet. I just haven't had one second to start. So, my head is just running wild with ideas and I am SOOO incredibly ancy to get started. I have gotten ALOT of unpacking done however, the kitchen has been done for a while now, the bathroom as well and most of the living room. The bedroom is half way... We still need a dresser or dressers, so theres boxes stacked in there with us. Yay for dust!

So, on the topic of decorating....
I ran the idea of Dark Teal walls in the bedroom to Jeremy. Who mentioned he loves the idea of having a RED wall. I'm not that keen on the red wall. He also suggested doing GREY, which I can hang with. I love red, don't get me wrong. I've just never seen a painted red room that I've liked much at all. And the I don't like the idea of it in a bedroom. I suggested doing red walls in the living room maybe, because we have GREY couches and I do love the way RED and GREY look together. Well, I'm not sure how we came to the agreement, but we've decided to use RED as an accent color in the bedroom. Which I think I will love. We are going to find a neat looking dresser that we can paint RED. In my head, something like this:
Minus the birdhouses, daisies and yellow. And maybe get some RED bedding and what not. Now, to pick a wall color... I LOVE the dark teal still, but I think I'm going to have to petition it for the living room now, because it's too dark and bold to go with RED, I feel like... hmmm... Any suggestions?
RED accents, and I have a GOLD mirror to go above our bed. What color walls will look nice?

In the midst of my decor planning, I came across this gem:
I think it's AWESOME. This Etsy seller has a lot of great wall decals. So, I was contemplating doing one somewhere. And then my girlfriend, Stephanie, shared this lovely entry.
And, it makes me want to do it even more. I think hers turned out AWESOME, so now I'm even more inspired.
I think I would do the Octopus in the living room, especially if I got the bigger one. I like the idea of it on the wall behind our couch, I think.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Washer/Dryer Wednesay!

Goodbye to scrounging for Quarters, and lugging laundry outside and all over (at least for now).
I just got word from Jeremy, that the Washer/Dryer is IN!
I can't wait to go home and bask in it's glory.
I've never had my own. The last time I lived anywhere with a Washer and Dryer, was my Mother's house. This is going to be nice...

AND today the cable is getting hooked up! Just in time for So You Think You Can Dance?! Perfect.

AND, we might be getting the bar stools tonight.

AND, I'm going to the pool tonight. Well, that's my plan.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's official I have a new address, and sadly a new age. But, let's talk much about that...

The move went quite well!!! Although there are still a few items at the old place I need to haul over with my car over the next week and a half.

We got a U-Haul Friday morning, after going to sign the lease. Apparently 4th of July weekend is one of the most popular weekends to move. I'm not sure why, especially in California, people would choose to move when the temperature is nearing 100 degrees. But, clearly I've done it the past 2 years, so I'm the idiot. Anyhow, U-Haul was packed, I spent valuable moving time in line waiting to get the truck. I finally got the thing after 11am, way later than I wanted to start this, and got home to Jeremy and his good friend Drew ready for heavy lifting. They got the couches, mattress, bookcases, packed in the truck like champs! it took all of like 20 minutes it seemed. Then we all packed in boxes. Drew was an amazing help! We owe him big time! Another good friend of Jeremy's Leah, and her Boyfriend came and help load boxes. After we packed the truck as full ass we could, Leahs awesome BF offered to fill the bed of his pickup with a load! AMAZING. We took the loads to the new place unloaded, and were done before 4pm. Jeremy and I went back to the old place, told Sarah to throw on a swimsuit and come over. And we all enjoyed the pool for a bit. After that we showered and got ready for Dinner a Drew's. Played some Wii, I really want one :/

Then headed to Travis, Miguel and Suzie's for there final gathering in there place before they move.

Went home and passed the eff out.

Woke up Saturday, went to the Scott and Em's for BBQ. Super fun, with my super Family.

Came home, set up the TV, and placed a few pieces of furniture, passed the eff out.

Sunday, made Mochas, in our new kitchen! Drove to the old place, met up with Laura to help start loading Sarahs U-Haul. Jeremy and I helped load the truck and then went to get Crazy Bread with Lo and brought her to our new place for a quickie tour. Laura left to Burlingame to help unload the truck with Sarah. Jeremy and I hung back and loaded up my car with more stuff to take to the new place. Unloaded my car, and the jumped in the pool.

After wards, I tried hanging some clothes, so I could find stuff to wear for work.

Did some unpacking and organizing. finished the kitchen! Passed the eff out.

Monday, back to work. Thankfully. I was over the intense physical long weekend. I like sitting at my desk in my reclining chair. I love it here. I honestly hope I will never have to leave :/
After work, met with Sarah to pay the final days rent at the old place. Hooray for double rent, AND deposit!! such excellent times. So, we are all pretty much broke today. Jeremy and I loaded my car and went home.

I unpacked more clothes while Jeremy cooked an awesome first dinner in our new place. Stir-fry with tofu on rice, that he walked to Safeway for while I was still at work. LOVE IT!

After dinner, Jeremy passed out. He's having to get up at 4am all week for work. Fun stuff.
I decided I wanted to relax inn the hot tub for a bit. So, I wandered out into the darkness on my own and spent a little time in the hot tub. life is good.

Today, I get to have BJ's for DINNER, since it's my Birthday and all. AVOCADO Egg rolls, here I come!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

keeps getting better.

I'm sure something horrible is going to happen soon and all my excitement will be crushed...
BUT, I JUST got the word on painting our apartment and we are a GO!!!
That's right folks, The apartment manager told me I can do it myself.
So, Stephanie, if you even read this, you need to make yourself available to me one day and come play with me and some serious paint and boring white walls. Anyone else too! Emily, Lisa, Sari, Laura. Let's have a painting party. If ya'll are down, I'm planning that shit. We can feast too!

A few ideas:
Stripes! I love the idea of a striped or some sort of patterned wall.

I think a want to do a Dark Teal wall in the bedroom, something like these colors.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

approaching the finish line...

I realized that my list of things to do before the move is not going to be easy to complete.
__Get cashier's check for deposit and first months rent to pay on Friday July 3rd (Move in day), shouldn't be difficult. BUT, Friday is holiday, and I realized it's already Wednesday, and I work when the bank is open, I didn't get to get out for a lunch break today, so my ONLY chance to get is tomorrow afternoon at lunch. Only having one opportunity to get it, is kind of stressing me out.
__Ship an item that was purchased off of eBay. Again, working while the post office is open, blah blah. I might be able to get this done tonight. Certain Long's locations are super awesome about getting stuff ready for the next days shipments. One of the reason's why Long's mail center has been a god send for my eBay selling.
__Make a return to Marshall's, This is no longer a large priority. It was just something I had hoped to get done before the weekend. Oh well.
__LAUNDRY!!! We have a good 3 loads to do! And I was hoping to get some of it done in our NEW Washer and Dryer, BUT, they aren't being installed until Monday now. Which is fine, because now, we get the keys Friday to start moving in, BUT don;t have to pay rent until Monday. Super, awesome, good times!
__Get our new appropriate address. Tell Comcast we are moving! and the Post Office. Comcast, I'm hoping I can deal with Friday, and the post office can wait until Monday. Or, I suppose I can do that online now. Forgot about that.

Other things that need to get done ASAP, but preferably after Move in day:
-Get a Queen size bed frame.
-Get a dresser (pretty critical, because we will be living out of bags until we have one :/)

After the FUN stuffff!
unpacking, Organzing, decorating (hopefully painting), and finally entertaining!!!!

On another AWESOME note, Jeremy talked to his friend Drew and some how roped him into helping the 2 of us haul some stuff over on Friday (The couches are the only thing that really require more than 2 people, maybe). What a guy!!! We were even invited to a BBQ at his house afterward. Shouldn't WE be feeding HIM? Well, anyhow, I need to think of a good thank you gift for him.