Friday, April 25, 2008

an Idea.

I've been really wanting to "home" up my apartment, so that I can enjoy it more. Currently I don't spend much time there. I even sometimes avoid it. Sad, I know. Because, it is REALLy nice Apartment, or condo actually. Anyway. When I first moved in, I was in heaven there after living in a kinda dumpy 1 bedroom duplex with my sister. We shared a teeeeeny tiny bathroom, and I turned the living into my bedroom. It was neat, but not super enjoyable. So moving into this large 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, where I took the Master bedroom at, was AWESOME, to say the least. So, that's some background.
Now, I can't really explain why I avoid it now, because I don't fully understand it even. It really just doesn't feel like a "Home" is the best I can do. When I am there I love just climbing in bed with my laptop and watching tv. I like my room a lot when I've cleaned it. So, when I home at home with my sister we are usually in our own rooms watching tv. and it's usually only on the few weeknights after work we are even home. We frequently bombard my brother and sister in laws house and hang out there until bedtime.
We don't really have people over, I would, and we have. The location of our place is kinda lame, and parking pretty much blows when the homies and their hondas decide to gather at their buddies house across the street (I hate them).
Anyhow, I have been thinking of ways to try to make to make our place a more enjoyable place to be. Starting with the Living Room, where it is kinda of always cold, because we don't turn on the heater out there. But, that won't be a problem now that summer is coming. I have 2 futons in the living room, not too comfy... :( My sister in law is taking one home, which will open up some SPACE!!! in there which I'm kinda stoked about.
So my idea is to make the other futon, super cozy for tv viewing! And here's how:

I want to lay the futon flat like a bed against the wall, and then have 3 Large throw pillows, like Euro size bed pillows as throw pillows against the back for cushions, and then behind those for actual like back couch cushions... now, bear with me here. I'm on a budget. I noticed that Marshalls sells doggie beds, like big doggie beds, that look like this:
I was thinking I could put 2 against the wall, and then have the large throw pillows in front. Now, I would cover the Cushions (doggie beds), and Large throw pillows in similar fabric so it doesn't look like a total mess.
It's a little different, but once I've completed, I'll post how it turned out...

OH! And I bought a jug of Liquid Starch, finally!!!! I have been wanting to get some to test a wallpaper idea I heard about...
If I can make my place look sick. I will throw a PARTY!!! hell, maybe I'll even learn to cook for it.