Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Partially by request from Emily.

I'm boring. haha!
Maybe not so much. But I'm sure no one cares to hear about the goings on in my life, and I have been somewhat busy.
Softball season is in full swing, and its awesome. I had to miss one practice and I was pretty sad about it :/
It's so much fun, even though I suck quite a lot. Last Monday was our first Victory 14-2!!! Quite a big victory. All the games we've lost we've been sooo close to winning. Last night we played an awesome game, but lost 18-15 to a team of dudes and their moms, which is totally awesome. Anyway, I was surprised at the turnout of spectators last night! My dad showed up! and it was a late game! I thought he went to bed at like 8. I was stoked to see him there. Scott and Emily came again, along with honorary fan Sarah, who has only missed one game, so she has her own team hat! Then Danny and Mattie showed up. It was a rad feeling to have my crew there rooting for our team. Next week's game is another early game 6:30, and there is talk of possibly bbqing after the game at the park... This will be one NOT to miss!

Other than Softball, my workload is slowly getting smaller for the time being with the Olympics getting ready to wrap. It will be nice to relax a little bit after this project, but hopefully not for too long. I've loved this project, even though its been intense most of the time. I love feeling like I am doing something worthwhile here, and I enjoy feeling the appreciation for it.

Sarah and I have just about finished our place almost... It's quite cute right now. We still have less space and oddly more stuff. But it's come together. I got away with not needing to buy one piece of new furniture! I don't even have a dresser in my bedroom... I tried something a little unconventional and I'm kinda diggin it. My room is officially my sanctuary. I'm really happy with how its laid out and set up. Although a queen size bed frame would complete it.
Because my queen mattress tends to get a little crazy on the full frame. haha!

Things are mostly good. I have been a little hazy and in a dream like state for the past week, but I think I'm coming back to reality... I'm not sure if it was related to the fact that I had drank more nights in a week than I am used to, or if it was related to other things... I guess time will tell.

I'm dying inside of excitement for my niece or nephew to develop further and be born.... fuuuuuuuuuck! Emily showed me things she has purchased for baby Brandt, and I'm so stoked the kid has possessions officially. It's happening! Baby, come meet meeeeeee! Or start kicking like crazy so, I can feel it! that will hold me over once it starts happening. Maybe. :)

My Sister SARAH's 24th Birthday is on Thursday!!! So, now it's time to prepare for a good long weekend of celebrating my Sari-cakers! Hit us up, we are doing it up RIGHT! Thursday, Friday, Saturday!!!! and hell, maybe we'll find something to do Sunday...

Here is some Ryan Lochte for your face! <333 I would marry this fool in a millionth of a second. Homeboy's got it going on. Why do I always like the young ones....?

I'm pretty much heartbroken that Swimming is over. Someone send me a swimmer to ease the pain.


EssEmmBee said...

Im sad swimming is over too, i feel your pain.

And finally you wrote another blog, its been a month.

Emmie said...