Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Happy Halloween.

I'm stoked for Halloween and the upcoming weekend.
Halloween at work is always a good time. I love seeing everyone dressed up in costumes. It gives you a fun little insight to another side of the people you work with everyday. I have a fun costume to wear to work, that is actually extremely simple, which is really nice. the zero effort I have to put into this costume makes it a favorite.

I have a almost official plan for Halloween evening. I had been rethinking going out at all after my LOVELY mistake last Saturday (skipping dinner followed by too many vodka cocktails). And since hearing some friends plans to cruise to Oakland and or Frisco for Halloween festivities. I started to plan a PJ night. No adventures for me this year... BUT! After some talk with a coworker, I found a perfect middle ground. Mansion gathering in Palo Alto is looking to be PLAN A. Close to home. I like it!

Costume for work: CHECK!
Costume for Halloween evening: iffffffy......
So, now to quickly finish plans for my evening costume. 3 days people!!! shit.

AND THEN! SATURDAY is the big day. Well, bigger day than most. Our Baby shower for Emily and Baby Bubba Brandt! We've been planning it for months, and I'm so excited to see how it plays out, and if I am any good at this kind of stuff. I really am ecstatic! I am so pleased with our plans and the way things have been working out over the past few conversations our little committee has had. I feel like we are really pulling together to make something really special happen.

p.s. I work with few morons and It's horribly horribly frustrating. I also think I'm just irritable somewhat in general lately, I've noticed. What gives? I'm not sure. Vacation will be good here soon... So, I apologize if I come off rude. I've had about 3 or 4 friends ask me if I'm mad at them for something... awesome. I don't really get mad if I can avoid it. I hate being mad. I have been quiet lately though. I'm just inside with my thoughts, nothing personal :)


Brisa said...

Hope you will enjoy a lot..! Happy Halloween