Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A friend in need.

I want a couch. Like a REAL big comfy sofa, preferably with an armchair and ottoman to accompany it. I gave up my futon, which I did love, but it had to be done. It wasn't cutting it as living room furniture anymore.

Jeremy is in town again! So, I am getting to hang around with him a lot this week. It's nice to have him here. But, really, it does just make me sad, because I know he will soon be gone once again. And, I still kind of hate that. Whatever. I'm trying to be happy. woohoo!

No job yet. I applied for a bunch today though. So, I'm really hoping something happens. I've decided that I think I want to work in SF, so I will have an excuse to move there. I think I'm in need of a change. Like something bigger than just a new job. I kind of really want to live on my own. I dunno. Maybe it will pass. I'm just not happy with my current living situation. eh.

oh, I think I might need therapy. I really need a job so I can get some insurance asap.


Emily said...

Mama, you need some SLEEP! I saw you were facebooking at 5 AM this morning! I love you and you can come hang out with me in the middle of the night if you wanttt tooooooo.