Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

I really want to move! But, that may not happen for some time at the rate I
m going on my Job search. So, I've decided to re-do my living room. I spent this morning and afternoon deep cleaning the kitchen and living room so, it's prepared for my big plans!

I've been wanting a real couch for quite a while now. And lately, I've actually been hunting for something affordable on my unemployment budget. I've mostly been anti-craigslist for a couch. But, I have seen a few that look actually nice. But still I'm spoiled and I'm really not sure how much I trust it. Sunday night, Jeremy and I took a trip to Ikea, and.... I found a couch. The price is good and its cute. It's cheap because it has no color options and does not come with any warranty. Which is fine for me. I'm hoping someday I'll have money to afford a sectional sofa. This just needs to make me happy for the next few years. Anywho, It's a nice brushed brown twill. I wish I could post a photo but I can't. I'm hoping to buy it next week!!!! weeee! I just need to ask my dad for use of his truck...

Next on my list is to keep surfing craigslist for the rest of what I want:
-A 5x7, or 8x10 Area rug, that's not ugly. (So far this is the most difficult, because rugs are bannkk) I really need to protect the nice bamboo flooring we have, though.
-Dining table with 4-6 chairs. (I currently have 2 hopefuls, so we'll see)
-Coffee table, and 1 or 2 side tables (Jeremy has decided he wants to build these possibly, which would be awesome!)
-TV Armoire or some sort of proper TV stand, entertainment unit.

All items need to be free or under $50.
I'm not too too worried about paint finish and condition to a certain point. I'll take the best deals is it's something that can be painted or easily repaired.
It's been fun searching so far. Wish me luck!

I think I'm too embarrassed for a before photo. But, I'll have an after, someday....


Mario said...

hey i dunno if this helps at all, but i saw a coupon for either $10 or 10% off purchases @ bed bath & beyond when i was @ my dad's house today...

u could probably get it off of their site?!