Wednesday, July 1, 2009

approaching the finish line...

I realized that my list of things to do before the move is not going to be easy to complete.
__Get cashier's check for deposit and first months rent to pay on Friday July 3rd (Move in day), shouldn't be difficult. BUT, Friday is holiday, and I realized it's already Wednesday, and I work when the bank is open, I didn't get to get out for a lunch break today, so my ONLY chance to get is tomorrow afternoon at lunch. Only having one opportunity to get it, is kind of stressing me out.
__Ship an item that was purchased off of eBay. Again, working while the post office is open, blah blah. I might be able to get this done tonight. Certain Long's locations are super awesome about getting stuff ready for the next days shipments. One of the reason's why Long's mail center has been a god send for my eBay selling.
__Make a return to Marshall's, This is no longer a large priority. It was just something I had hoped to get done before the weekend. Oh well.
__LAUNDRY!!! We have a good 3 loads to do! And I was hoping to get some of it done in our NEW Washer and Dryer, BUT, they aren't being installed until Monday now. Which is fine, because now, we get the keys Friday to start moving in, BUT don;t have to pay rent until Monday. Super, awesome, good times!
__Get our new appropriate address. Tell Comcast we are moving! and the Post Office. Comcast, I'm hoping I can deal with Friday, and the post office can wait until Monday. Or, I suppose I can do that online now. Forgot about that.

Other things that need to get done ASAP, but preferably after Move in day:
-Get a Queen size bed frame.
-Get a dresser (pretty critical, because we will be living out of bags until we have one :/)

After the FUN stuffff!
unpacking, Organzing, decorating (hopefully painting), and finally entertaining!!!!

On another AWESOME note, Jeremy talked to his friend Drew and some how roped him into helping the 2 of us haul some stuff over on Friday (The couches are the only thing that really require more than 2 people, maybe). What a guy!!! We were even invited to a BBQ at his house afterward. Shouldn't WE be feeding HIM? Well, anyhow, I need to think of a good thank you gift for him.


Saranya said...


I'm planning to sign up a lease at Citra apartments, am equally excited as you seemed to have been before moving in there, so a little bit of google search to know more about the place brought me here. Can you please tell me how the apartments are. Am looking to move in to a larger 1 bedroom apartment. Thanks in advance