Monday, June 2, 2008


Was excellent.
For many reasons.
I got that feeling back in my stomach that I had missed so much...

I met these amazing creatures.
(Most photos are blurry, because I prefer the lighting without the flash, and I wanted to try to disturb the animals as little as possible.)

And The Jellyfish, which are rad! The colors and the lights...
And in the exhibit they were playing THIS song.

"Do you remember
When we met
That's the day I knew you were my pick"

agh! I love it.

And had a blast. I have since learned many interesting facts about Octopuses. (yes, Octopuses is an acceptable plural form of Octopus.) They are my favorite right now. This guy in particular. He has 7 arms, and 1 nub....

He was totally dancing around for us and putting on a show. I took a ton of pictures.

I would love to have a pet Octopus. But they have very short life spans and are super smart and excellent escape artists. and as much as I love cuddling, I don't want to wake up with one in my bed, unexpectedly.
Jason took me to the Chart House for Dinner, and it was the BEST! After seeing Salmon swim around, I totally ordered Salmon for Dinner... As well as a Calamari Appetizer.. I'm, evil. but, It's sooooo good. And Dessert was the winner. Molten chocolate Lava cake, sprinkled with Heath Bar... I want to go back NOW.

Back to work, now...
A least I have cheesecake and TEA!
I'm a happy, happy Krust.


Lisa Marie said...




Emmie said...

it WAS romantical.
Sea of Love makes ANYTHING romantic.

Krust. said...

I told you, it was to me.
I think Sarah just needed more romance.
I am perfectly happy :)

and yes, that song, The Sea Of Love makes my heart melt officially. I was excited to hear it there.