Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In the market...

I'm getting ready to purchase a laptop.
Actually I have been ready for close to a month.
I've built a few, or picked out others and just when I've made the decision and it's time to pull the trigger, I freeze.
It's such a large sum of money to spend in one purchase.
If I only I hadn't fucked myself over and was able finance it... I'd be more at ease.
shiiiiit. I hate expensive purchases. It took me MONTHS to finally buy my car in 2005.
I;m just worried. I'm going to do it, and then something better that I could afford will come out... which is exactly what happened when I bought my car. The New GTI's came out and I fell in love, but had just purchased my TC. eh.
What the hell?

Here I go.

I need reassurance.
And advice on how NOT to screw this thing up.
Send me links to inexpensive external hard drives and nice 15.4" laptop cases.

Wish me luck.


Noah B said...

Sadly with Technology the next day you will probably see something cheaper or better but that is the way of the beast.