Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hooray for Brandt's

So, our dinner gathering tonight was great.
It was awkward I suppose at times, just because we were meeting close family for the first time, that ave lived about 7 miles away my whole life! But everyone was soooo inviting and friendly, and FAMILY!!! I'm grateful to my Aunt Linda for putting this together with my Dad.
I talked the longest to my Aunt Linda, who at one point told me how much like I act like my Mom did in her early 30's. I don't always see it in myself. I see the things I know of her in my Sister a LOT. But I guess it could be because I didn't know my mother at that age, obviously. So, that was really special to hear. My Mom must have been wayyyy cool in her 30's! hahahahaha.
I loved every minute. I actually almost didn't want to leave!
Before we left, one of my cousins wives, got a sheet of paper out and passed it around for everyone to put their email addresses and phone numbers on and then made copies for everyone.
Easily, the BEST Christmas present I will get this year.

I'm happy tonight.

I LOVE my family. Family I've known all my life, and family I met just few short hours ago. It's good to be a Brandt.