Sunday, February 1, 2009

bummed out.

The following scenario is not helping my self confidence for the day ahead tomorrow. ACH!
I just tried to put on my EC Star "Love Me" jeans to possibly wear tomorrow, and my giant ass hips or something else huge, ripped them. I almost started crying right then and there.
I LOVE these jeans. The are all BLACK, pegged, slightly cropped with heart shaped pockets on the bum. I never wear them for fear they'll get ruined... BINGO!
Point is. I need to lose some chunk. And get a job, so I can afford to take my jeans to get fixed.



Lisa Marie said...

You are a master seamstress... I bet you can fix them mama. If not... my grandma could fix them for you for FREEEEE!

Krust. said...

I would fix them myself, because it would be easy to. The zipper just detached from the denim. However, I'd like to have them done, for reinforcement. I fear if I do it, they will just rip again, later. haha