Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm drooling.

Possibly found my dream house. I love the way this woman decorated her house in Chicago. So many ideas, I'm inspired by for my next place....

My favorites parts are this family room that's just there off the kitchen with that black and white wallpaper! I love the art collage on the wall with the plates and the paintings. Such a cute layout.
And the Master Bedroom!

I love all the COLORS!!! with the Black and white. I'm itching to redecorate so badly right now! Holy shit. But, I won't waste it here. I want to wait until I move, when it will be more worth it. I'm not too stoked on my place at the moment enough to spend time doing rad stuff, just to have to out it back later. Next time, I'm going all out on the decorating.

Check out her Shower. So jealous. Witch. That is my DREAM shower. For so many reasons. I HATE Shower over bathtubs. blah. I HATE shower curtains. And I fear slipping on the stuff baths and showers are usually lined with. This shower solves EVERY one of those issues. amazing, AND it has multiple shower heads. 2 thumbs way up!