Friday, May 1, 2009

Oriental Midnight, buffet project.

While I'm at it.
Here's a before and After from the Buffet's Makeover.

Here is the Buffet originally. It was in my grandparent's house. My Aunt assured us that it was not an important piece and if it was too much to lug around from apartment to apartment, we could get rid of it if we wanted. I had contemplated doing so many times. But, my sister wanted to keep it. So I asked her if I could paint it. The wood looks lovely in this photo but in person, it was anything but. It's moved a lot and has so many scratched and dings. My sister wanted me to keep it in original form so that it would match her bedroom furniture if she were to move into a studio. She eventually caved and suggested I paint it grey. Well, awesome. Except the couches are now grey and it wouldn't work in the same space. So, I went with something a little different.

The color is called Oriental Midnight, I can't recall the brand... It's from OSH. I have the can here. I was going to replace the hardware as well. But, I ended up really enjoying the way the antique brass looks with this color.

I decided to leave it the kitchen. I like the color against my grandmothers paintings on the wall in our dining area.
Project complete.


Emmie B said...

So cool, mama. I love love LOVE it. I need to find some shit for you to paint for me now!

Caro said...

i really like it!!

mz said...

i'm late to the party but it looks really nice.