Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, I've been pretty good trying to keep myself busy. I thought I finally show some photos of what I've been up to. I'll start with a post on the Living Room's progress. It's not done. But, I'm pretty happy with how far it's come from what it used to be.
For example:
You can't see much of the living room, but these are honestly probably the only 2 tmes we EVER hung out in the living room until now.
This was back in August. We had a futon, and a tiny little 4x6 rug from target, that was actually retarded (not sure what I was thinking).
This is much more recent, March of this year. I had passed along the futon in January, because I had the plan to obtain a proper Couch. March rolled around and I still hadn't so, I pulled out My grandmother's fainting couch that I inheirited, just so there would be something in the room, for over a month, there was nothing, and it was depressing. I really LOVE the fainting couch, BUT, let's face it, it belongs in a big old master bedroom (some day...) It's NOT comforatable And, it makes me nervous on the hardwood floors since it's on old casters.
This photo also shows my poor drapery choice. :/

Anywho, here is my living room today...
I toned down the drapes. I had to. I have a wall entirely of drapes to hide my storage, since we don't have much storage space at this place. And I have ALOT of stuff I'm holding on to.

The pictures are from a book I found at Ross. I just ripped them out and framed my favorites. I had done this in my last Apartment as well. I LOVE old Hollywood, and old movies. Audrey is the newest addition. She's Jeremy's favorite, so she needed a spot.
I was happy with how this turned out. I had been keeping my books in what looked suitable for VHS tapes. I bought this bookcase at Goodwill, but it's originally from Target, I believe. Notice the Pink frame on top. I LOVE that thing.
This is where more needs to be done. I threw the TV on Jeremy's Coffee table when I decide to paint the Buffet that it was on before. I would ideally like to have a small Entertainment cabinet with doors. Something cheap and even beat up. I would like to paint it anyway. Something BOLD and colorful.
Off to the corner, I made a space for all of my sewing goodies. I used my grandparents Secretary's desk to house all of my sewing supplies. Though I can;t realistically sew in this space, it organizes everything well enough.

I think that's it for that tour!

So, on my list for the living room now,is just an entertainment cabinet, and a round coffee table! I don't think I'll ever find either. I'm wayyy too picky about what I want for the coffee table. The entertainment cabinet, I'm more flexible on. But, my budget is very strict.

Thanks for Looking!


Emmie B said...

Everything looks adorable. We are waiting for our party invite! :) You do such good work, mama.

Emmie B said...

I also have that pink frame...but in black. Sarah gave it to me as part of my birthday gift & I LOVE IT! Kinda want it in pink as well. Maybe tomorrow we can hit up marshalls or ross or TJ Homegoods and look for frames!!