Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ants in the pants.

Last day at the old apartment is tomorrow!!! Last night, Sarah and I got it pretty clean! It actually looks 100 times better than it did when we got there to start.
I cleaned and disinfected the kitchen and the full bathroom, we patched holes, scrubbed the walls, dusted, swept, took out all the trash. It's empty today, except for the Vacuum and Carpet shampooer, which I will be using to finish up with after work today. Such a relief to almost be done. I can't wait until tomorrow and this weekend, when I don't have it hanging over my head anymore.

With that going on, I haven't begun decorating at the new place yet. I just haven't had one second to start. So, my head is just running wild with ideas and I am SOOO incredibly ancy to get started. I have gotten ALOT of unpacking done however, the kitchen has been done for a while now, the bathroom as well and most of the living room. The bedroom is half way... We still need a dresser or dressers, so theres boxes stacked in there with us. Yay for dust!

So, on the topic of decorating....
I ran the idea of Dark Teal walls in the bedroom to Jeremy. Who mentioned he loves the idea of having a RED wall. I'm not that keen on the red wall. He also suggested doing GREY, which I can hang with. I love red, don't get me wrong. I've just never seen a painted red room that I've liked much at all. And the I don't like the idea of it in a bedroom. I suggested doing red walls in the living room maybe, because we have GREY couches and I do love the way RED and GREY look together. Well, I'm not sure how we came to the agreement, but we've decided to use RED as an accent color in the bedroom. Which I think I will love. We are going to find a neat looking dresser that we can paint RED. In my head, something like this:
Minus the birdhouses, daisies and yellow. And maybe get some RED bedding and what not. Now, to pick a wall color... I LOVE the dark teal still, but I think I'm going to have to petition it for the living room now, because it's too dark and bold to go with RED, I feel like... hmmm... Any suggestions?
RED accents, and I have a GOLD mirror to go above our bed. What color walls will look nice?

In the midst of my decor planning, I came across this gem:
I think it's AWESOME. This Etsy seller has a lot of great wall decals. So, I was contemplating doing one somewhere. And then my girlfriend, Stephanie, shared this lovely entry.
And, it makes me want to do it even more. I think hers turned out AWESOME, so now I'm even more inspired.
I think I would do the Octopus in the living room, especially if I got the bigger one. I like the idea of it on the wall behind our couch, I think.


EssEmmBee said...

Yes, doo it. That one is siiiick.

Just Kristi said...

I Love the wall decals. I had some up in our old house and they are so fun. Add tons of character to a room and they are pretty easy to do. Stephanie's is super cute. When we move i found some awesome one's for the little guys room.

Lisa Marie said...

Dude... In the bedroom... I'm going to save up for a CHANDELIER decal. I've had one bookmarked on Etsy for daysss now! I need it for my life.

Emmie B said...