Saturday, June 27, 2009

I can't think of anything to put in the subject line.

Got a good amount of packing done last night.
Saw The Hangover today, finally. Excellent. We caught the matinee. As predicted, it was just way too hot to hang out here and pack in the afternoon, so we sat in an empty air conditioned theater and laughed for 2 hours instead :)
And then, even took a dip in the pool, witch was lovely.
Tonight, I got a little packing done, not as much as I would have liked.
BUT, to make up for it, Jeremy took me to Borders to buy me a magazine I had been eyeing...
High Fructose Magazine.
This one features paintings from Mark Ryden's "Snow Yak Show". And I Love me some Ryden.

And , on an unrelated note, I have watched this performance a good 20 times since Wednesday night, because I friggin' love it! Randi and Evan are my fovorites at the moment, after last weeks jive, and now THIS!

So cute! And I'm diggin' the song... it's going on the playlist.


Emily said...

Randi & Evan were really good this week.. but I credit Mia Michaels routine for that. Mia is AMAZING. I dunno where in the world she comes UP with this stuff.

Lisa Marie said...

She's a gigantic stoner!!! Lol... that's where! I also LOVE me some MIA! Yeah, Randi & Evan are super cute. :)