Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's official I have a new address, and sadly a new age. But, let's talk much about that...

The move went quite well!!! Although there are still a few items at the old place I need to haul over with my car over the next week and a half.

We got a U-Haul Friday morning, after going to sign the lease. Apparently 4th of July weekend is one of the most popular weekends to move. I'm not sure why, especially in California, people would choose to move when the temperature is nearing 100 degrees. But, clearly I've done it the past 2 years, so I'm the idiot. Anyhow, U-Haul was packed, I spent valuable moving time in line waiting to get the truck. I finally got the thing after 11am, way later than I wanted to start this, and got home to Jeremy and his good friend Drew ready for heavy lifting. They got the couches, mattress, bookcases, packed in the truck like champs! it took all of like 20 minutes it seemed. Then we all packed in boxes. Drew was an amazing help! We owe him big time! Another good friend of Jeremy's Leah, and her Boyfriend came and help load boxes. After we packed the truck as full ass we could, Leahs awesome BF offered to fill the bed of his pickup with a load! AMAZING. We took the loads to the new place unloaded, and were done before 4pm. Jeremy and I went back to the old place, told Sarah to throw on a swimsuit and come over. And we all enjoyed the pool for a bit. After that we showered and got ready for Dinner a Drew's. Played some Wii, I really want one :/

Then headed to Travis, Miguel and Suzie's for there final gathering in there place before they move.

Went home and passed the eff out.

Woke up Saturday, went to the Scott and Em's for BBQ. Super fun, with my super Family.

Came home, set up the TV, and placed a few pieces of furniture, passed the eff out.

Sunday, made Mochas, in our new kitchen! Drove to the old place, met up with Laura to help start loading Sarahs U-Haul. Jeremy and I helped load the truck and then went to get Crazy Bread with Lo and brought her to our new place for a quickie tour. Laura left to Burlingame to help unload the truck with Sarah. Jeremy and I hung back and loaded up my car with more stuff to take to the new place. Unloaded my car, and the jumped in the pool.

After wards, I tried hanging some clothes, so I could find stuff to wear for work.

Did some unpacking and organizing. finished the kitchen! Passed the eff out.

Monday, back to work. Thankfully. I was over the intense physical long weekend. I like sitting at my desk in my reclining chair. I love it here. I honestly hope I will never have to leave :/
After work, met with Sarah to pay the final days rent at the old place. Hooray for double rent, AND deposit!! such excellent times. So, we are all pretty much broke today. Jeremy and I loaded my car and went home.

I unpacked more clothes while Jeremy cooked an awesome first dinner in our new place. Stir-fry with tofu on rice, that he walked to Safeway for while I was still at work. LOVE IT!

After dinner, Jeremy passed out. He's having to get up at 4am all week for work. Fun stuff.
I decided I wanted to relax inn the hot tub for a bit. So, I wandered out into the darkness on my own and spent a little time in the hot tub. life is good.

Today, I get to have BJ's for DINNER, since it's my Birthday and all. AVOCADO Egg rolls, here I come!!!


Just Kristi said...

I LOVEEEEEEEE the avocado eggy-rolls! Happy Birthday!!!!!