Monday, April 28, 2008

Serious case of the Mondays...

Case of the Mondays

I'm EXTREMELY unmotivated today. What else is new though?

I've been finding myself horribly irritable and short tempered in the past week and a half... :/ I hurt my wrist banging on my laptop when the mouse wasn't working properly. I nearly destroyed my favorite jacket when I couldn't get certain cat hair off it. (THAT was a rough night) And I threw my phone and Sims CD's against the wall Saturday night when my computer didn't work. I HATE acting that way. But, I'm trying to be so calm and relaxed, and then something tiny happens and I just BLOW up.

Take a Deep Breathe, and carry on...
Time for LUNCH!


Emmie said...

Woah. lol. you're crazy. I hope you didn't mean Bantam hair.... I don't want him to send you into a fit of rage! He loves his auntie.

Krust. said...

I know. I've had a few moments this week. I'm hoping they've passed.
Let's hope.
I scared myself.
It was not bantam hair. And I wasn't really even "mad" about the hair. I can't even explain it.