Monday, September 22, 2008

I've got an itch to scratch.

It's been an eventful weekend. Went out Friday in San Jose and Saturday in San Francisco with some coworkers. We got Stephanie to come out on Friday night and it was so fun! I love DANCING with the Stephie. I miss it :( It's really kind of the best.
I got the opportunity to attend my very first real Football Game. Saw the 49ers pretty much crush the Detroit Lions. It was awesome. The seats were insanely close... And before the I had only watched it on TV, so it was a bit surreal. I was a little taken aback by it all. I have a favorite on the team. Don't know his name or anything. He was fun to watch. #45.
I am officially pooped. BUT, I have a BIG GAME to play tonight. We always win 630 games. Probably because we can't drink before...
Come cheer us on!

I reallllllly really want to shop. I'm totally craving a good shopping adventure. But not like the regular shopping.I want to go shop on Haight and go to Braindrops! I want to go to H&M maybe and Urban in SF. OR to Berkley. Hell, maybe somewhere NEW? I think I should take a shopping "day off"...... hmmmmm. I guess I could wait for a weekend. But, that's less fun ;)

COLOR for my tattoo is this Saturday!!!! Who's coming??!!?
I think my coworker is going to come for the trip, which will be funnnn.