Monday, September 8, 2008

Today kinda sucks.

I'm really anxious and nervous today.
Too much going on in my head!!!! boo.

-baby shower plans.
-legitimately uncomfortable in the work place for the first time.
-my teeth are continually in pain, and I'm fearing the dentist, so I finally called a sedation dentist. But, am worried about the cost... and then having to find someone to have the time to come with me to get me home after.

it's just a passing phase, I know.
I can't wait for work to be over, then it will be time to focus on softball.
We are playing the only undefeated team in the league... we're screwed.
They are 6-0, we are 2-4. woohoo, so ready to get creeeeamed. like actually excited. because for an hour that's all that I will have to care about.

I would enjoy being at home with the SIMS2 expansion pack... ahem!

P.S. I would very much enjoy T.I., to have as my very own. yes please.


Emmie said...

I'm sorry I'm stressing you out mama!!!