Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Okay, so. Do I suck it up and face my fear and see a damn regular dentist? Or pay the price and do the sedation dentistry so I can pretend it's not really happening? AND they can do ALOT of work in one sitting.
Fuck. I'm so cheap, and so afraid.
My teeth will just have to fall out.

Alright. I might be broke for a while...

Take me out. I'll smile a lot.


EssEmmBee said...

Go to a dentist every 6 months. Thats what i do. I dont have insurance, it usually cost 90$ to clean my teeef. But i guess it matters where you go. And when you keep going, if theres something wrong, they find it early on b4 it gets too bad.

Emmie said...

Yup...my dentist is 88 dollazzz for a cleaning. EVERY SIX MONTHS!

LisaMarie said...

I go every six months and it's usually about $90 after the insurance... a small price to pay to keep those pearly white safe and clean!

Emmie said...

I don't have insurance and I pay $88.00. Damn Leese is going to one expensive ass dentist!

LisaMarie said...

Yeah... and he's as OLD as time!!!

He was my mom and uncle's dentists when they were teenagers!

And actually, I lied... it's $90 before insurance... I just checked my last receipt!


Gio said...

If you need a dentist, I can hook you up with my brother and ask him not to charge you except the at cost fee. He would probably even waive his own labor. He volunteers a lot at the free clinic in Berkeley and other places for people in need, so he is completely amicable to help out my friends with dental work. I've already sent him some folks, including some ex-coworkers, who are very pleased with the results (I won't say who but one had like 6 cavities!). :)