Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I can see clearly now....

I came home last week to this: New windows!!!!! They are updating all the windows in our complex this month. So far only the upstairs is done. But, they started the downstairs windows in other units, so I'm waiting ever so patiently for our time to come. It's going to be so nice in our NEW living room. I took this photo as soon as I walked into my room and saw. I left the drapes off for like 3 days, I was so pleased with them.

The Windows before we SCARY...

They actually don't look half bad in this photo. But they are so dirty on the outside... andthe metal is just a mess, and not all of the locks work... which is my biggest complaint. They screwed the screens on from the outside,I assume as a locking device. Seriously, I ripped the screen with my key... Screwing them isn't keeping anyone out.

Grosssss. And yes I do clean them, from the inside. It's all I can do. There's a thumb tack in there acting as a locking device also. pretty sad. It doesn't work. Don't tease me, I tried a few things. On this window I ended up putting on of the working locks on, because I ripped the screen from the outside.