Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yikes, stripes!

I'm planning a trip to Ikea today for this:
Stokholm Rug, they had an 8x10 in the as is department Monday night. I'm crossing my fingers that it is still there today. I need a big rug to cover the floors in the living room. And rugs are too expensive for my blood. And I happen to LOVE this rug. If I had the money to get it Monday I would have.

So, I'm off to ride my bike to the bank, and then come back and cruise over to Ikea in hopes of soming home with this lovely piece of floor covering, and, maybe a coffee table?

I also need some sort of Entertainment unit/ TV stand. Not today, though... unfortunately.


Lisa Marie said...

Reminds me of the checker floors at Hillsdale! Kinda hurts me eyes... but I'm SO stoked the apartment is finally coming together!

Krust. said...

I got it!!!! For cheaper than it was Monday. Goooo me! And it looks great on the floor. I plan to post pics tonight.

Lisa Marie said...

Awesome Mama!