Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I see it coming but I can't defend...

Life is sweet.
My finances are in order and I feel excellent about it. Thanks to my AMAZING Sister-in-law Emily and her helpful skills.

I finally got my bike! Thanks to Scotty who drove me to San Jo to pick it up. He and I have been riding a lot since the weekend. We have our route set now. It's a 10 mile ride and it goes basically to one end of San Mateo and then back to the other, we go all along the water and underneath the San Mateo bridge even. On the trail there are these feral cats that hang out by the rocks near the water. They are way skiddish and won't come near you, but super cute. We brought some dry cat food and fed them as we went along on Monday. I can't wait to go for a ride after work today!!!!! Even though my ass is about a raw as can be right now, I don't even care.
I Love my bike!

I got to go see the Birthday Massacre last Friday night, thanks to Jason. There were a lot of teenagers, but it was still an awesome show. I saw Mindless Self Indulgence for the first time, and it was awfully entertaining. They are great live. I Love all the pretty girls,

and this pretty boy, a bit too:

None of these are pictures from the show I went to. I've been lacking in my photo taking lately :/

I'm wearing a heather grey shirt again, today and it is still all the same hue. Not darker grey in certain areas... Thanks to a little help from a friend. Very few will understand this. I'm ecstatic that it is finally taken care of, after years of embarrassment and limited shirt color choices. I feel like a new woman! Which I know sounds ridiculous, but it's true.

And, I'm off to see Indiana Jones after a bike ride tonight. Catch y'all later...

Kisses for the COCO!


Emmie said...


Grey Shirts a-plenty!
Love you Mama.
Life is fantastic!

Lisa Marie said...

Nice mama... I'm so stoked for you!