Friday, May 2, 2008

Hellllllo FRIDAY!

I get to see NICHOLAS! tonight. Yes, Nick Swardson. I Love him. I may even wear the NICK belt buckle I have... it's the same one he has!!! I'm awesome. I can't wait.

I may have interesting work news. But, I shouldn't elaborate until it's final. But, I'm kinda excited, but in a sinister way... : /

I am serious need of chocolate right now or something sweet, period. I may make a Starbucks run. Not that I need any more caffeine today. But, a Caramel Macchiato sounds good.

I really want Hostess powdered mini doughnuts. Sooooo good.

I started a Facebook, but haven't taken enough time to figure the website out and kind of feel like an old person trying to use the internet... it's all quite confusing to me still. But, it looks kinda fun...

ALSO.... I'm in the market for a New Laptop. A PC. SO, I have been building various models, and I'm debating between HP and Dell. The HP is cheaper, but I have kinda always, only had Dell's, so I feel more comfortable with them. The only reason I need a new one is because mine is pretty old and I've junked it up big time at this point. I need something FAST with a GLOSSY monitor, to play the SIMS on...
I'd be happy. Very happy. Any suggestions?