Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have an appointment to start my back piece on June 22.
I am getting all the pictures together, and I'm having the worst time finding pictures of one of the dolls I had, that want in it. Her name was Julie, and Worlds of Wonder made her. They have since gone bankrupt, so of course, no website. :(
Boo, I want a picture of her brand new, or in really good condition. I could take a picture of mine today, but she is tore up. She is literally falling apart, her head could go at any moment :/
And so The hunt goes on...

If anyone had her and didn't destroy her, take some pictures for me.


Mz said...

hey kristina,

i found a few good pics here... u might want to save these bc once the auctions are gone the pics die too i think:

ebay 1

ebay 2

ebay three

Danny said...

i don't know this doll. i want to see it..