Monday, December 1, 2008

I can't really help it if my tongue's all tied in knots.

I just listened to "Follow you Down" By the Gin Blossoms. and now I want to listen to more and I'm totally watching Empire Records tonight. Thank You Gin Blossoms for bringing me some nostalgia this afternoon.

Work blows. The work part isn't bad at all actually. But, I have this really strange feeling that people here hate me all of the sudden. Who knows. I honestly don't know what I could have done, but some people are just being short with me now and I hate that shit. If you have an issue with me, tell me. What if there's a misunderstanding? I don't do well with these situations. I just don't get people when the get upset and just expect that you know what's going on, or just blow you off regardless. I have a great deal of respect for the people that are left here with me. I can honestly say that I feel our managers made the proper decisions keeping this group here to finish everything out. And I can't think of what I would have said or done that would have upset any of them. I would just like to know, so I KNOW. that's all. I could very well just be losing my mind, and there's no issue. I just have a feeling. Hopefully it will blow over, or I'll just ignore it. Unfortunately, I only have 5 days left with this group... :(

hmmmm. What else? I had a very nice Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend. Heck, the past week has been reallllly nice all together, really. I'm a happy girl minus my work worries. I went out only one night out of the entire four day weekend. But, it was a great night. I hate lines... But I ended up having a ton of fun. I really still love San Jose. But, I know I won't be moving back down there anytime soon.

I'm really hoping we can get into San Mateo early next year... cross your fingers for me. However, I really should wait to look into moving until after I find a job. Seeing, as my now most promising job lead is in downtown San Fransisco which would be quite a commute for me, (and I HATE commuting) as well as an all around lifestyle change I'm sure. But, we'll see. It could be really cool.

Hope everyone is as excited for Christmas time. It's my absolute favorite. I'm really trying to be excited, I'm not as much as I usually am though... but it's starting to seem like it might be a gloomy one. I'm just not ready for it. But, I want to try not to let that get me down. It's always a bittersweet time of year for me, so I like to try to keep it as happy as possible.

"I can't let it get me off
Or break up my train of thought
As far as I know, nothing's wrong
Until I hear it from you"