Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why so glum?

It's 3am, and I'm still awake! boo.
Unemployment is a tad depressing. Only because I'm not very good at getting myself out of bed before noon if I don't have a reason to :/ So, I stay up wayyyy too late and don't always have buddies to talk to.

I'm hoping I'll follow thorough with a few of the projects I have lined up after the Christmas hoopla this week.
1) working on a few more mini skirts. My first attempt was a mess, but #2 was at least wearable. Though it's pretty much done for now... It was a bit "delicate", I am not. :)
2)Living room makeover. Mainly I just want to get rid of like more than half of our storage (but, I have to do it behind Sarah's back, I'm fnding)
3)keep cooking! I've been trying.
4)GYM! before I have to cancel the membership :( due to being jobless.

I suppose these could qualify as New Years resolutions, as well.

The week ahead should be fun! I'm really excited for everything. Tomorrow night (well, tonight now!) I am going with the rest of the Brandt clan to see the OTHER BRANDT clan! (and, like Noah once said, The more Brandt's, the better.) It's very exciting, because sadly, I barely know them. It's my Father's brother whose married and apparently has 3 children (I thought there were 2). When I was young or possibly even before I was born they had a falling out and never spoke even though they lived right here the bay area all my life. I have met my uncle himself at least twice in the past 10 years. My mother had gotten in touch with him after my parents separated and I went to see him with her once, and he was at my mother's memorial service. MY father and his brother have reconciled in the recent years but he was living in Washington or something. Anyhow, his wife (my aunt?) invited us to his Surprise birthday party tomorrow night, and I'm super thrilled to see and meet these Brandt's. I Love family. I can't wait to have more!

I kinda secretly hope this week and the next go by fast. The first week of January is looking good so far. I get my hair done! I always put it off long enough to where it's a real treat when it's time. AND, California gets one of my favorite residents back.
All of January promises great things actually. More tattoo work possibly, and most importantly, a NEW Brandt.

Alright back to Three's Company! I wish I could find Christmas Vacation! I love Clarke Griswald.


Lisa Marie said...

CLARK!!! Can WE pleassse watch Christmas Vacation... even if its after Christmas.

Best holiday movie EVERRRRRRRRRRRR.

Love you girlfriend. <3

Emmie B said...

I watched Vegas Vacation on demand the other night! So awesome. MR. PAPAGEORGIO!