Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost.

Okay, so I am a little loopy, I guess. No one hates me. Or at least they don't anymore. I was just being overly sensitive, what else is new? We are down to less than 3 days left here and counting... It's really slow going (because there is almost NO work), so I've been getting off around 3ish the past few days.

I got myself back into the Gym! FINALLY. I have been putting it off for who knows why. I was soooo good last year about it, then I got my bike, and then Softball season came, and I figured I was fine since I was doing other alternative physical activity. WEllll, I can totally notice the affects of not doing shit since softball ended. Stupid Krust. Anyhow, I'm going to take my FAVORITE class tonight! Spinning with Dave Dude Bro! I'm so excited I might try to hug him. I miss having my gym buddies though. My social anxiety totally kicks in when I'm there alone. But, really thats something I HAVE to get over.

OH! So, I got this Job lead from my father... One of his buddies is the CEO of this company in Embarcadero Center, and my Dad had mentioned to him what was going on with my job, and the guy told my dad to have me get ahold of him, because he might be able to "find a spot for me". Very exciting. WEllllll, I had left him a voice mail on Tuesday and sent him an email with my resume. Well, he did respond this morning, but that he was busy and he will be in touch with me in the next few days and that he looks forward to chatting with me. So, I was nervous before about having to contact him... Well, now I think I might be more nervous. I really just like instant gratification. I have a serious fear of the unknown. But, still, I am very grateful. VERY.

Sarah and I talked and decided officially on not getting a tree this year. We are going to save the $40 or whatever this year. We really have nowhere to put it and hope to move very soon anyway. I'll hang some lights and put out some stuff. Maybe I'll find a little bush I can decorate.

I want Thanksgiving dinner again. Now.

*EDIT* Lisa is giving me her Nordstroms Dress form that I will be decorating as my Christmas tree! Soooooo fucking perfect.


Emmie B said...

AWWWWWWWW!!! Dave Dude Bro!!! Can Steph not go with you? She still has a membership!
And don't worry...I will be back in action as soon as the Dr gives the A-OK after baby! I miss spin sooooooo much! Although, I may try to go to the noon classes on days I can get Jules to watch babykins.

PS: My captcha is "emi Carb" Emmie DOESSSSS LOVE CARBS!!! In fact, I was just thinking how it's ALL I've had today. lol

Mario said...

2 things:
1) If u ever feel like hiking it up again instead of going to the gym. Lets go. (and run it)

2) No Xmas tree is kind of a positive because at least its one less mess u will have to clean right? :)