Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why not?

I guess the appropriate question is, why? (Because I know I'm not getting any of it.) And the answer is I'm bored, I like lists and shopping.
This is kind of my Ultimate wish list, I added some crazy stuff for fun!

I fell in love when I saw them worn by one of cocktail waitresses at Hustler. To die for.

Because they are over the KNEE! I am dying for over the knee boots...

Self Explanatory. (Also wanted: Top #5)
I LOVE this designer. Emily and I bought a few shirts from her this year and it was a total dream come true, since we've been drooling over this website for much too long.

#4: The Unattainable 2:

Chanel Camelia ring and Repetto purple satin flats (both older styles, as far as I know, not available at all anymore) Not that I could afford them if they were! A girl can dream...

#5: To go here!
Hellllloooooooooo, trampolines AND Dodgeball. Sign me up!

-Navigation for my car, or a phone with good navigation
-A trip to Tahoe or somewhere with snow to go Snowboarding.
-A place to live that I actually like, that isn't a but load of money.
-A Job


Emmie B said...

Pretty sure we need to go to the giant trampoline SOON! They have exercise classes for $7.00! We should go as soon as I get the exercise OK!