Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back up plan?

This is interesting. Sarah and I gave our landlord our 30-days notice that we will be moving out. She apparently frantically called Sarah both on her cell and at Work. And basically said she's sad we are moving, because we are great tenants (which is really nice to hear! Even if I knew it already). Anyway, she told Sarah she would lower the rent by $200 if we decided to stay. We are paying wayyy too much for what we have, and unfortunately $200 wouldn't be much help. Sarah explained that she is set on moving to Burlingame, and her mind would not be changed. But, that Me and my boyfriend were staying in the area. So, the landlord proceeded to call me, and leave a voicemail, explaining that she would lower the rent if we chose to stay.

It's a nice gesture, and I would accept if I thought I could not get this place I want. But, I'm so close. All I need is the agreement from work, to prove I'm working and being paid, even though I have not been yet. It's stressing me out that it's been over a week and I don't have it. But, I don't want to step on anyone's toes here. I'm too happy to be back, to start demanding things. I know it's being worked on, and I'll have it soon.

Anyway, I want the NEWplace, it has more Anemities, for less money, whereas the old place just has more space, for more money.
Here's a little comparison:

Current (old place):
-2 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths (I'd rather not have an extra bathroom to clean )
-small peanut shaped pool (no hot tub)
-Laundry room with 4 washers/dryers, for 40+ units.
-BEAUTIFUL, bamboo floors in the living room
-New granite countertops in the kitchen (with the same old cabinets from 1970 something...)
-Loveley 3 month old double pane windows, I can see the train from my house, so it really is necessary (These past 3 are the only upgrades, everything else is outdated)

New (NEW place):
-Building from 1970, entirely remodeled last year.
-1Bedroom, 1Bath
-Nice big pool, will be great for laps, Hot tub, lounge chairs, and CABANAS!
-Fitness room, Clubhouse, Game room w/ a Wii and Playstation 3
-Stackable Washer/Dryer(brand new), in unit, in the BATHROOM! my favorite. warm towels!
-New pergo flooring, simple light wood.
-All new kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances. BLACK countertops.
-I don't believe the windows are double paned, here, but the train is not in view.
-Conveiniently located in walking distance to Safeway with a Starbucks.

It's nice of our landlord to try to keep us, but, I'm ready to move on up a bit. As much as I'd LOVE to have a spare bedroom to turn into a closet, it's not enough compared to the new place. And, it's still higher rent. :/ Sorry, Ayala Terrace, it's been real.