Sunday, June 21, 2009

A work in progress.

This afternoon, I needed to make a trip up the street to the new apartment, to drop something of to the manager. Well, I thought it'd be fun to drag Sarah along and get her take on the building. I planned to get to show her the communal areas and the location of or unit. Sarah was smart enough to take get her phone out and snap some pictures. 

barbeque on the patio outside of the clubhouse, next to the pool area.
this was not here before. they must have just added it. pretty rad idea!

so the real treat was that the manager gave us the key to our unit to check out. Since, we had only seen the model, and tenants had been in the unit until very recently. It was cool to get in there, but, they have only just begun the remodel, so it's basically a pile of dust. Still awesome, because, it's a guarantee that I will be the first to use just about anything in there!
empty kitchen. It looks so sad. Except, that the BLACK granite countertops are IN! bam. A little dusty (okay, a lot dusty) , but still glorious.

Jeremy playing with the intercom/door system. I've never lived in a secured building before. I'm a little excited about it... I've had nightmares of people breaking in our place now, and our last place.
Wall to wall, floor to ceiling closets. like my closet on Mateo, that I Loved, w/ mirrored doors!
On our balcony, contemplating what's going to go out here...
So, there is a messy peak into our new place. I can't wait for move in day. I had a hard time concentrating on anything else after going today. We went to hang out with some friends tonight, but I realized I was being anti-social, sitting on the couch thinking about what colors to paint some walls. AGH!!! I've never gotten to paint my walls before!!! 


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