Thursday, June 18, 2009


Just a list of things I hope to acquire over the next couple months for the new place:

-Bar stools, I think 3. Here's a little peak of what the kitchen area looks like. I think 3 will fit comfortably, and we are not going to have a dining area, as it is being compromised for workspace/desk area.

-A Queen size bed frame, since Currently I have a full with a queen size mattress, it's retarded.

-A tall dresser. Jeremy and I each have a ton of clothes. And my room is always a disaster. We don;t have a dresser now, so I'm hoping a dresser will help eliminate at least some of the messiness.

-A media cabinet (not a huge one), OR a Flat screen TV. The living room TV is a nice big ugly CRT. It belongs in a cabinet, behind doors when it's not being watched. But, I really hoping to be able to purchase a smallish flat screen eventually, and get rid of the bigger TV.

-ART!!!! Jeremy is planning to get his paints and paint some stuff. I just want some Art to add to my photo only decor.

I think that's the list. For now :)
I'll gladly accept hand me downs.